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Mar 3
Hey all. Nice cosplays. :3
Feb 11
Non cosplayer from sweden but the cosplays i have seen is amazing ^^
Jan 25
Kitty says Meow ;D
Jan 16
Yayyy it starts! Cant wait for next convention/cosplay!! <3
Jan 16
Hello all cosplayers and non cosplayers, I hope this page will become a good and friendly community to all!
Jan 16
Lets hope this site grows big :3
Jan 15
I just set my profile up! This is too cool!
Jan 13
Hello!!! Right now I'm on a break from cosplay (work stuff...) but I'm still following LoL cosplay stage and I think this site is amazing idea since there is so many cosplayers making costumes from League :)
Jan 12
Hello guys ♡
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